New technological partnership

Manganorobot is pleased to present a new partnership of high technological value with SINOVATE Blockchain. Since its inception in late 2018, the SINOVATE project has strived to deliver innovative solutions in the blockchain space.

In the era of information and digitalization of the new industrial revolution, blockchain allows bringing innovations not only in finance but above all in production processes, guaranteeing decentralization, transparency, security, and immutability of data.

Manganorobot, in collaboration with the technologies offered by SINOVATE, has decided to take part in this ambitious strategic and technological innovation project. The business control phases and the programming solutions of large industrial automation production lines all over the world for increasing the quality of service will rely on the next SINOVATE services: Infinity Nodes, Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS), InfiniteChain, Deterministic (on-chain) Infinity Nodes, SINOVATE Document Verification (SDV).

Thanks to these innovative technologies, the Manganorobot group will have additional new tools available during the development and assistance to the customer. The storage (Incorruptible Data Storage), distribution (Infinity Nodes), and control (SINOVATE Document Verification) of its data and digitized processes, with the unparalleled security offered by the blockchain, will allow processing, management, and exchange in a completely secure, decentralized and unchangeable manner.

The implication of blockchain in Industry 4.0 has generated many innovations for adapting to a new optimized, flexible, and more efficient business model, based on the trust and safety of all stakeholders. In particular, this technology is of great help in the supply chain and production process controls, therefore increasing the added value of the products and services, thus improving the business.

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